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At UpTime, we understand that first and foremost, our clients just want things to work. We take the time to understand what drives your business so we can help simplify convoluted processes and make it easier for you to do what you do best. We configure critical resources correctly and securely so we can evolve beyond the reactionary and make meaningful improvements to your business.


Project Work

Need a helping hand to make sure your project goes as planned? Let our in-house experts assist you every step of the way.

Backup Solutions

Guard against ransomware and data loss ensuring business continuity.

Need Help Managing Your IT Needs?

We offer a wide-array of packages to meet your needs and keep your business running


IT Support

We offer a wide-array of packages to meet your needs and keep your business running

Project Work

Whether you do not have the resources on staff or just need a helping hand to make sure your project goes as planned, let our in-house experts assist you every step of the way to make sure your project gets done on time and meets your organization’s expectations.

Backup Solutions

UpTime provides backup and disaster recovery solutions to guard against ransomware and data loss ensuring business continuity

Security Suite

Having a single security tool is not enough to protect your business.  UpTime provides a number of best-in-class tools to help secure your business including AntiVirus, Endpoint Detection & Response, Spam Filtering, Message Encryption, Web Filtering and Mobile Device Management.

Monitoring & Alerting

Prevention is the best medicine.  We at UpTime have the tools to proactively manage your environment and prevent critical outages.

Cloud Solutions

Whether you are considering migrating your entire environment to the cloud or just need help with assessing the many cloud software options available, UpTime can help every step of the way.


UpTime specializes in Voice over I/P solutions for small and medium businesses.  We also work with multiple national telephony providers and can help determine the best solution for larger organizations

Patch Management

Don’t have a good policy in place or tired of managing this through SCCM/WSUS?  Give UpTime a call and let us manage your patching and security updates.

Software as a Service

Through our many partnerships, we at UpTime offer all the hosted tools an IT Department needs to manage service calls, projects, assets, documentation, etc. at an affordable cost.

I oversee

Information Technology

Well, here you are again evaluating different IT support providers. Or maybe this is your first time assessing your options and you are realizing just how daunting this task can be.  The process can be quite overwhelming and it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between the myriad of proposals in the end. 

Please let us help you save a lot of time, energy and frustration by getting down to what is really important quickly; can we trust these people with the keys to our kingdom?  Contact us now and let’s have a meaningful conversation about your business.  In most cases, you will know in the first conversation our approximate costs, how we deliver secure and effective IT solutions and have a good feel for whether or not we are a good fit for one another’s business.  Our goal is to make this the last time you have to evaluate a new IT provider. 

I am an

IT Professional

Lucky you!  You, along with us, are working one of the most thankless jobs known to man.  The poor, lowly IT guy or gal.  You do your job well 99.9% of the time and largely go unnoticed, but should Microsoft or others push out an update that throws a loop in your workflow, you could quickly find yourself surrounded by an angry mob of office workers. 

 All joking aside, let’s hope your company respects and appreciates IT enough to know that it’s perfectly imperfect.  If they don’t, we can help.  We’re not claiming to have the ability to change your culture overnight, but we have seen organizations transform over time by putting our recommended protocols and procedures in place.  Documentation, Change Management, Asset Management, Renewal Management and Patch Management.  Get these right and chances are you will have a lot less headaches. 

Whether you are a lone IT professional in need of some help or the Director or CIO of a large department, we can help. 

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