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Our managed service programs were created to give you first-hand confidence in your IT system’s integrity, as well as help you leverage technology moving forward.

Customized IT Support

You’ve got a team to manage, or perhaps an entire business to run. You know that technology issues don’t just disrupt production in your company, they stop your team’s forward momentum. You know full well that if they’re not quickly addressed, they can ultimately end up shaking your client’s confidence in the business you’ve worked hard to build. UpTime’s managed services are designed specifically for you.

Our managed service programs will help you to create efficiency, improve communication, and be more competitive in your company’s own market.

UpTime’s managed services are for you if:

  • You have regular IT issues impacting your company, and need to establish stability in your system.
  • You’re concerned about the state of your IT systems, and need a trusted partner to help understand the current risks and issues waiting just around the corner.
  • Your business is growing, and so are its needs and demands on technology.
  • You have questions or desires to better leverage the Cloud, but are unsure of how to proceed.
  • Your costs for IT capital, licensing, and support, are unpredictable and difficult to manage.
  • You don’t just want stability, you want a partner who knows your organization and its culture, who you can discuss ideas and strategy surrounding your business.

With our managed services, you’ll have:

  • Stability, availability, and functionality of your IT systems.
  • Confidence in your system’s ability to survive a disaster, including ransomware.
  • All the protection needed to defend your company against cyber attacks.
  • Solutions for work-from-home and the dynamic, flexible modern workplace of today and tomorrow.
  • A comprehensive understanding of any risks that may surface in your systems, what they mean, and how we can work with you to address them.
  • Full insight and control over your direct and indirect IT costs.
  • A local, certified help desk team who will personally know you, your business, and your staff, for any issues or assistance you or your company may need.
  • On-demand access to your personal IT strategy consultant to discuss strategy, ideas, challenges and solutions.

We have programs for companies big and small, with varying budgets and varying tolerances for risk. Contact us now to discuss how you can help your company achieve UpTime and beyond.

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