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When it comes to IT we know what works and what does not… we see a way to do things better.

The IT’s Uptime Approach Is Not Just Different, It’s Better.

After several years working in various leadership roles within the IT Consulting arena, the three of us saw a way to do things better. At IT’s UpTime we know what works and what does not, what our partners loved, and what they did not.  We are passionate that we can use our many years of experience in Managed Services and IT Consulting and create a better experience for our partners.  The word ‘partner’ is so overused that we thought it important to elaborate on what ‘partnership’ means to our firm. 

Partnership in our eyes is building a relationship of trust by demonstrating over and over again that we do what we say we are going to do, when we are going to do it, and, of course, by delivering as promised.  

A true partnership will involve the It’s UpTime team sitting alongside yours as you discuss critical aspects of your business and strategy.  The more we know, the better equipped we will be to help you navigate obstacles, securely improve workflow, and leverage the latest technology available that will help your business run more efficiently. 

Why are we doing this? 

We want to help our partners embrace technology and view it as an asset that helps them simplify their lives.  We want to help our partners and those in need to make their work lives easier and less stressful so they can focus on enjoying life and their families when they are away.  If you do have to access work while away from the office, we will make it as seamless as possible to accomplish what you need to when you need to.  We believe we can provide a superior service and customer experience and make a few bucks along the way. 

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